Tempus Fugit…

October 17, 2010

Can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote anything. So, quick update. Portwey went down to Ramsgate for her biannual inspection and all in all came away in fine fettle. Some plate work needed doing and she had a good scrape and paint below the waterline. Here are some nice pictures of her on her holiday.

She came back and did the Thames festival, but on the way back to dock it was noticed that the port side engine was moving. NOT a good thing. Not sure if it is the mounting that has gone or worse, the lower hull fixings. This will need some serious investigation and some SERIOUS money to fix, if indeed it can be fixed. Watch this space…

I have been continuing restoration on some of the old girl’s woodwork.

The fore cabin skylight fully restored.

The engine room hatch cover before and after.

Other good news is that the Channel 4 series about the Titantic has finally hit the (small) screen and has some fine footage of Portwey steaming on the river. If you care to look it’s episode 2, about 36 mins. in.

And finally a nice shot of the old and new London docks.