Winter Comes to Portwey.

November 26, 2010

When the Winter arrives, get the stove on for a warm-up and a brew. Lovely.

Not much to report this week. Got the starboard aft condenser plate off and both plates will be going off for recasting. Started to re-paint some of the engine room plant. Too boring for photo’s.

Now, what’s the collective noun for a bunch of cormorants? No, me neither. Normally you see one or two of the buggers pottering about but Wednesday afternoon we had about 20 off ’em swimming around the dock.

John’s theory was that they were off on their Christmas outing.

(Just found out via Google that the collective noun is “a flight of cormorants”.)


Tempus..well you know the rest.

November 21, 2010

Yes, I know. But it’s not my fault. No, really. Well anyway due to circs. way beyond my control it has been a few weeks since I ankled down to the old girl. I have had an update from Richard though about the starboard condenser. It needs work – no surprise there then. The fore end cover has been removed and hopefully the aft end will be taken off in the next week or so and then the covers can be sent away to have patterns made and new covers cast and machined. Meanwhile here are photo’s of the aft end and cover.

And this week I WILL make it down to Portwey. Honest.