Finally…back to Portwey.

February 13, 2011

After a long bout of being ill and life in general getting in the way, finally made it back down to Portwey this week and enjoyed one of John’s ‘special’ brews whilst catching up with the gossip. The movement of the port-side engine is still under discussion. There are now two schools of thought. One is that it does move, and other is that it doesn’t. So that’s solved that then. Wether it moves or not we do need to get under the plate-work to inspect the state of the engine mounts as it’s unlikely this has been done since the old girl took to the water back in ’27. Onto more mundaneĀ  matters, I’ve been back with the paint on some of the engine fixtures and fittings – no photos as:
1) how boring is it to watch paint dry? and
2) forgot the bally camera!
More general tidying up and painting on-going on both hatches (again no photos yet). Also helped pumping out of the aft cabin bilges. Hedonists – that’s us!

Right, that’s the lot for this week.

Carry on.

PS..Coal Bunker Disco Roooocks!