Meanwhile Down At The Dock…

Well the weather may be on the brink of turning for the better but on board the paint brushes are out. As you can see from this photo the Engine Room skylight hatch is now repaired, filled, primed and ready for a topcoat.

We have even polished up the brass-work around the port holes! Not a lot can be done now until the weather does take a turn for the better as the next step will be to strip and repair the rest of the hatch, and for that we need dry and hopefully warm weather. We also need the better weather to continue the never ending fight against rust as using electrical equipment in the rain is NOT recommended. A major task will be repairing the fore cabin door way. As this photo shows it needs a tad more than just a wipe over with a damp cloth!

Not all gloom’n’doom though as we did get quite a spectacular sunset which lit up some of the Canary Wharf buildings.

Anyway that’s the lot for this week.

Carry on.


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