The Times They Are…

Well, the clocks have gone forward which SHOULD herald the start of Spring but, looking out of the window, there still seems a way to go. So “what’s been happening on the boat?” I hear you cry. Well, work on the engine room skylight has moved on apace with the first coat of gloss, so it now needs a rub-down with fine paper then the top-coat can be slapped on. Kate has been doing great work in cleaning and painting the engine room/aft cabin bulkhead and Steve T has been going at the fore cabin brass work like a man possessed – photos to follow. Deep in the bowels of the boiler room, Chris and Dennis have been trying to see if the starboard condenser doors can be repaired rather than recast. The big news is that the aft bilges have been cleaned! Who says this work isn’t glamorous eh?

We also took the fore bumper off to see if there was any wear. As you can see from the photos below it looks as good as new. (Sigh).

If anyone has a Granny who can knit with needles as thick as telegraph poles and who would like to sit on a boat for an afternoon, please get in touch.

Took this picture of one of Portweys newer siblings – just goes to show that tugs still have a place on the River.




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