We’ve Moved!

We’ve moved!

Well, only temporally and only to the other side of the dock. British Waterways very kindly nudged us across to moor up in front of the Lord Amory until mid-September.

The advantage is that we now get the sun on the boat all day, which makes painting and cleaning a quicker and far more pleasurable, job. The disadvantage is that it’s key entry to get onto the dock (and Chris has the only one) which means we can’t catch the eye of passers by who wander up to take a look at Portwey. We will be back in the old berth after the weekend steaming for the Thames Festival on the 10th/11th September. We have been told that we will (probably) be moving again before the 2012 Olympics as berth space will be at a premium and it looks like we will move into one of the Millwall docks – more when it happens!

Repair and restoration work continues at a pace both below deck and topside. A lot of the starboard steel work has been needle gunned and repainted, the transom has had a lick of paint and I’m still working on cleaning and repainting the aft cabin roof. It would be nice to show some photos of the work but I forgot to take any. No change there then.

Hopefully I’ll be crewing for one of the Thames Festival dates and will try to remember my camera. Honest.

 Looking out from the aft cabin at The Lord Amory. Close innit!


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